The Optical Centre takes your children’s eye care seriously. Vision is responsible for balance, coordination, reading and sporting skills. It’s important to check kid’s vision regularly.


– Vision in each eye will be recorded.
Pictures can be used instead of letters where appropriate.

– The focusing mechanism of the eyes is examined.

– Muscle Balance:
The eyes will be carefully checked to ensure that the muscles are developing normally and that the eyes are working well as a pair.

– 3D vision is checked.

– Colour vision is assessed.
Many boys/men have difficulty with red/green colour discrimination. This condition is permanent in most cases and can affect career choice. Children with a colour vision deficiency may find some tasks at school difficult, therefore it is wise to establish a normal colour vision or otherwise at an early age.

It is sometimes necessary to instil drops in a child’s eyes to obtain more accurate and detailed results. These drops can sting a little and cause the pupils to enlarge for a few hours.


Eyesight is a precious gift and should be cherished. Our Optometrist Valerie Kennelly is available at no cost to speak to parents and teachers at all primary schools in the area to highlight the importance of vision in education and the warning signs to look out for when vision problems begin.

Children with uncorrected vision conditions or eye health problems face many barriers in early life, academically, socially and athletically. High-quality eye care can break down these barriers and help enable your children to reach their highest potential.

Vision doesn’t just happen. A child’s brain learns how to use eyes to see, just like it learns how to use legs to walk or a mouth to form words. Early detection and treatment of a vision problem can help to prevent a squint (turn) or lazy eye from developing.

That’s why a comprehensive eye examination is so important for children. Early detection and treatment provide the very best opportunity to correct vision problems, so your child can learn to see clearly.

80% of all learning is performed through vision. Make sure your child has the best possible tools to learn successfully.